Using OverDrive and the Libby App

OverDrive offers a collection of ebooks and audiobooks accessible via the web or the Libby app. Access is provided through a subscription managed by the Universities of Wisconsin (UW System).

On-campus and remote access to OverDrive is restricted to current UW-Madison students, faculty and staff. If you are an affiliate account holder or community borrower you do not have access to UW-Madison’s OverDrive platform. Instead, you may be eligible to access Madison Public Library’s OverDrive and Libby through “Wisconsin’s Digital Library.”

To access OverDrive via the Libby app on a mobile device

  1. Download the Libby app on your mobile device.
  2. In Libby, click the 3 bars at the bottom of the app to see a page that lists Your Libraries. From there, click Add Library.
    • Note: You can connect to multiple libraries through the Libby app (e.g., UW-Madison Libraries and a public library).
  3. In the search box type in “University of Wisconsin System“.
  4. Click the entry for University of Wisconsin System to reach the dedicated University of Wisconsin System screen.
  5. Next, click on Sign In With My Library Card.
  6. From the list asking “Where do you use your library card?” you should select “University of Wisconsin-Madison.” Note that you may need to click the “10 more” button to see the full list of campuses.
  7. You will then be routed to the UW-Madison Libraries NetID Sign In page, where you will be asked to login with your NetID and password, and Multi-factor authentication (DUO).

DUO Authentication Tip:

If you encounter a problem at the point of accepting the DUO authentication (such as being returned to the NetID screen without progress), try again to login, but do not attempt to use the pop-up accept option, if that is what you tried previously. Instead, navigate to the DUO app and accept the authentication from within the app itself, then return to the Libby app.

To access OverDrive via the web

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Sign In. Select University of Wisconsin-Madison from the drop-down menu, then click Sign In again.
  3. You will then be routed to the regular UW-Madison Libraries NetID Sign In page, where you will be asked to login with your NetID and password, and multifactor authentication.
Universities of Wisconsin OverDrive page with Sign In button highlighted
Universities of Wisconsin sign-in page with UW-Madison selected