Lesson 5: Resources


Campus Resources

Office of Inclusion Education

Additional Resources for Further Learning

Contact Information for Additional Help

  • Office of Inclusion Education
    • Inclusion Education was formed in August 2020 to elevate and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion for all students at UW. We offer a broad array of learning opportunities for students that contribute to their Wisconsin Experience. The Office of Inclusion Education, a part of Student Affairs, seeks to foster social justice in order to create a place where all Badgers feel like they belong.
    • Contact us at: inclusioneducation@wisc.edu

Land acknowledgement

Now that you have completed this course, please take a moment to read and reflect on the land acknowledgement below.

Brass plaque outside in front of green leafed trees with the text Our Shared Future at the top

The Wisconsin Union occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, a place their nation has called Teejop (day-JOPE) since time immemorial. In an 1832 treaty, the Ho-Chunk were forced to cede this territory. Decades of ethnic cleansing followed when both the federal and state government repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, sought to forcibly remove the Ho-Chunk from Wisconsin.

We acknowledge the circumstances that led to the forced removal of the Ho-Chunk people, and honor their legacy of resistance and resilience. This history of colonization informs our work and vision for a collaborative future. We recognize and respect the inherent sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation and the other ten First Nations within the boundaries of the state of Wisconsin.

Reflective Questions:

  • What history must you learn and unlearn to raise your awareness of the land you call home?
  • What actions can you take to center and uplift the voices and needs of Native communities?